Turn your challenges into opportunities

South African businesses are currently grappling with a range of pressing challenges that are impacting their operations and growth. These challenges include a weak economy, a shifting job market, loadshedding, rapid technological advancements, and the need to address sustainability considerations. To overcome these obstacles and thrive in this complex environment, business owners must implement effective […]

Client spotlight: ChangeAbility

Can you envision a world where people see the potential and abilities in all people, and where they embrace it in themselves? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for people with disabilities. They still remain vulnerable, face discrimination, exclusion and abuse. Our client, ChangeAbility, is, however, trying to change all this. ChangeAbility works with and […]

More about our partnership with Anchor Capital

There are many moments in life when we might look back and wonder about what could have been if we had done things differently. That is the burden of the present: that we only really have the past to measure and compare it to. But for the discerning among us, we realise the impact that […]

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