Can you envision a world where people see the potential and abilities in all people, and where they embrace it in themselves? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for people with disabilities. They still remain vulnerable, face discrimination, exclusion and abuse. Our client, ChangeAbility, is, however, trying to change all this.

ChangeAbility works with and for people with disabilities in order to bring about change in the Cape Winelands. Their name reflects why they do what they do. They do it because they love people and dream of a world where people with disabilities are recognised for their abilities. They believe their programmes can change communities by improving the lives of people with disabilities.

ChangeAbility uses the Community-based Rehabilitation model of service delivery. This model dictates that people with disabilities, their families, their communities and service providers should form partnerships to improve opportunities and social inclusion. As such, they recruit, train and employ unemployed people with disabilities as peer supporters. Each of these “peer supporters” is tasked with finding and performing needs analyses with people with disabilities in their own community.

Change can only come from understanding individual and collective needs, as well as community-based resources and tailoring programmes accordingly. As an organisation, ChangeAbility addresses the health needs and social support needs of its beneficiaries. They also address the need for disability awareness with the public and service providers. Finally, they support people with disabilities with skills development and income-generation opportunities.

There are around 8000 people with disabilities in the greater Stellenbosch area and ChangeAbility annually provide services to over 400 beneficiaries. This figure includes at least 300 people with disabilities, as well as 100 people impacted by our awareness-raising efforts. They do direct service delivery in Macassar (Somerset West area), Kayamandi, Cloetesville (Stellenbosch) and Groendal (Franschhoek), as well as awareness raising in the greater Stellenbosch and Helderberg areas.

But they can’t change the world on their own. As a non-profit, they need partners and they need funds. Because they are constantly challenging the norm, building knowledge and networks and refining their programmes to best fit the needs of our communities, they need partners that understand that change requires creative thinking, local support and connections. They also call on the Stellenbosch community to support them, financially and otherwise, in whichever way they can. As such, Finleys is proud to be associated with ChangeAbility and to provide a high-class service to them in support of their worthy cause. | Facebook: changeabilitysa | Email:

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