This month, Finleys Outsourced Business Services would like to introduce one of our clients, SharkSafe Barrier. Finleys specialise in helping businesses from various industries manage their finances and advise them on making the right decisions to fuel growth and achieve success.

Driven by her unwavering commitment to shark conservation, Dr Sara Andreotti, a marine biologist specialising in white shark research, co-founded a South African company dedicated to providing eco-friendly and shark-specific technology to ensure the safety of swimmers and surfers in the ocean.

The SharkSafe Barrier is a patented technology that combines the visual effects of a kelp forest with permanent magnetic stimuli. The goal: to create an environment where beachgoers and large sharks can coexist peacefully.

“By mimicking the visual effects of a kelp forest and incorporating carefully crafted permanent magnetic stimuli, this barrier effectively repels predatory sharks, ensuring the protection of ocean users. What sets the SharkSafe Barrier apart is its exceptional selectivity, allowing animals such as seals and dolphins to freely pass through without any risk of entanglement,” explains Dr Sara.

The journey of SharkSafe Barrier began in 2012, with a team of extraordinary individuals at the helm. Dr Sara joined forces with Michael Rutzen, a widely recognised shark conservationist. Their collaboration was further strengthened by the expertise of Prof. Conrad Matthee, a renowned zoology and evolutionary ecology professor, Laurie Barwell, a coastal engineer, and Dr Craig O’Connell, a television host and shark biologist.

After years of meticulous research and testing, focusing specifically on bull sharks and white sharks from 2012 to 2016, the SharkSafe Barrier proved to be exceptionally effective, with a 100% success rate in deterring sharks. These groundbreaking results were subsequently published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, solidifying the credibility and reliability of this innovative technology.

Thanks to the infusion of resources, the SharkSafe Barrier Company is rapidly expanding and is on track to protect its first recreational beach before the end of this year. This significant milestone will mark a new chapter in shark management, demonstrating the practical application and real-world effectiveness of the SharkSafe Barrier.

With this exceptional technology, Dr Sara and her team aim to revolutionise shark management and ensure a safe ocean environment where sharks and humans can co-exist peacefully.

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