Established in 2014, Hope Distillery was the first licensed small-batch distillery to open in Cape Town and was one of the pioneers in the South African gin game. Launched as Hope on Hopkins at a time when crafted spirits were relatively unknown in South Africa, the distillery underwent a rebrand a few year ago and is now known as Hope Distillery.

The South African duo behind Hope Distillery are wife and husband, Lucy Beard and Leigh Lisk, who had lived in London for many years, working as lawyers. They packed in corporate life after one rainy English summer too many, took a year off, and, while spending time in their camper van in Southern Europe, came face to face with the gin craze. Not wanting to return to corporate life, they wondered whether they could turn their hands to distilling. They realised that the gin revolution was yet to reach South Africa, and that their timing was perfect.

They started small, but now they not only create their own spirits – a range of gins, vodka, an agave spirit, and a rum – but are also market leaders in contract distillation, producing other top-selling local gin and spirits brands, including Bloedlemoen, ClemenGold, and Musgrave gins.

Hope Distillery’s focus is very much on quality. Their products are made in small batches, and they take an incredibly hands-on approach. Their own products were rebranded in 2019, presenting a fresh new look that encapsulates the spirit of the products and the people who produce them: distinctive, modern, and committed to quality. The brand aims to be understated yet sophisticated.

You can visit the Distillery to purchase their gins and other spirits during working hours or order them online through the distillery’s website.  The Distillery Tasting Room, which overlooks the distillery floor, is open Wednesday to Saturday afternoons and they will soon be launching a classic cocktail bar in the same space, which will operate on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Keep an eye on their social media pages for events as well as for news about the cocktail bar experience.

For more information, please visit

Facebook: @HopeDistillery

Twitter: @HopeDistillery

Instagram: @hopedistillery

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