At Finleys, we love seeing innovation applied in business. That is why we like to celebrate our clients who impress us with novel solutions to common problems.

This month’s client spotlight falls on PAYJUSTNOW, who have introduced South Africa to a new way of paying for goods online and in-store over the past three years.

Paying in instalments for products is often the cautious buyer’s worst nightmare. Around every corner seem to be hidden costs, unexpected interest payments and growing debt.

This is not the case with PAYJUSTNOW.

PAYJUSTNOW is a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ payment gateway that gets it right:

They provide retailers with a payment method for their customers that grants instant gratification with no transactional risk for the retailer and zero interest or fees for the shopper.

It’s a complete win-win.

PAYJUSTNOW makes it possible to make payment in three equal instalments:

  • 1/3 now
  • 1/3 on the shoppers stipulated instalment date
  • 1/3 on the same date the month thereafter

Imagine you could instantly boost your sales by 30% and increase your average basket size by 35%. PAYJUSTNOW has achieved these figures for companies making use of their services.

PAYJUSTNOW is a local leader in the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) market, adding 1500 retailers and more than 250 000 consumers since they launched in August 2019. These include big names like Edgars, Puma, HP, and the Cape Union Mart Group.

Finleys has helped PAYJUSTNOW in their journey towards opening the worlds of consumers to new ways to purchase goods that they previously would not have had access to.

We look forward to helping each innovation succeed, grow, experience longevity, and lead to prosperity.

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