This month, Finleys Outsourced Business Services would like to introduce one of our clients, Holy Dough. We specialise in helping businesses from various industries manage their finances and advise them on making the right decisions to fuel growth and achieve success.

Holy Dough Somerset West, also known as Uptown, has come a long way since it started as a franchise in 2018. With its dedication to quality ingredients, expert dough fermentation, and commitment to creating the perfect Neapolitan pizza, the franchise has grown to six locations.

Despite this growth, Holy Dough has remained true to its roots, maintaining its commitment to quality and value for money. Customers continue to rave about the delicious pizzas, with their fresh and flavourful toppings, and the perfectly crispy and chewy crust that is the hallmark of Neapolitan pizza.

Whether you’re in Somerset West or one of the other Holy Dough locations, you can always expect a warm welcome and a cosy atmosphere. The staff is passionate about sharing their love for pizza with others and is always happy to help customers find their perfect pie.

If you’re looking for the best Neapolitan pizza in the area, look no further than Holy Dough. You can find them online at or by calling 021 001 8526. You can also order via Uber Eats and Mr D. And if you’re in Somerset West, be sure to stop at 13 Drama Street – they’re waiting to share their love for pizza with you!

Come Hungry. Stay Golden. Leave Holy.


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