Client Spotlight: University of Stellenbosch Enterprises – Incubating innovation

University of Stellenbosch Enterprises (Pty) Ltd (USE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stellenbosch University. It is the platform for industry interaction through equity holding in the institution’s start-up group of companies and the place where innovation and commercialisation, technology transformation, entrepreneurial support, and development takes place. Since establishing Stellenbosch University’s group of companies in […]

How to have a work/life balance

Written by Daniel de Villiers I believe in that old, slightly overused term: Work/Life Balance. Maybe it’s overused because it is so effective; short, concise, but also complete. Not working all day, every day is important at all ages and stages of life. Not just for parents with young children, or people who deserve some […]

How Finleys puts an end to financial frustrations

Being a business owner is not often considered a walk in the park. In fact, frustrations seem to lie around every corner. As a team of business solution specialists, we know the difficulties that individuals face in running a successful, prosperous company. Luckily, we have the solutions too. Here are just a few of the […]

More about our partnership with Anchor Capital

There are many moments in life when we might look back and wonder about what could have been if we had done things differently. That is the burden of the present: that we only really have the past to measure and compare it to. But for the discerning among us, we realise the impact that […]