What would happen if the world ran out of good people who did good things for the good of society? We would rather not try to envision such a world. There are thousands of people who work for non-profit organisations and social enterprises in South Africa, but who rely on external funding, networks and empowerment to continue doing good.

South Africa, with its rich and often disenchanting legacy, is home to around 60 000 000 people, but regrettably possesses the highest unemployment rate in the world, standing at 34.4%. Furthermore, South Africa also has the highest Gini index value in the world, with a gaping chasm between the rich and the poor.

In order to change the shape of employment in the country, something has to change. This is where our client, Mintor, steps in. Mintor is a multi-award-winning social enterprise that is led by the industrious Leànne Viviers and Marguerite Heyl, who have multinational social development expertise and are passionate about empowering people for the common good of society.

Mintor is, at its core, a chatbot-platform that serves businesses and non-profit organisations by making recruitment, training, and a variety of other HR tasks simpler and more streamlined. The chatbot integrates with popular apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and is designed to simplify the experience of the end-user and the organisation alike. This is why Mintor’s slogan reads, “Leaving no one behind.”

As a result of its simple integration with already widely used apps, Mintor makes HR solutions in marginalised and developing communities accessible to a range of organisations that cannot afford tech-heavy solutions for admin-intensive tasks, which would require a lot of processing power and a larger staff composition.

Functionalities of the chatbot-platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Talent sourcing and screening
  • Skills Training
  • CV-building
  • Payslip issuing and querying

But can a chatbot truly have a big enough impact? Well, Mintor’s results speak for themselves.

In one application, through Mintor’s WhatsApp recruitment tool, a company had doubled their usual number of applicants and recruited new workers 40% faster than before – leaving the company’s HR team with more time to invest in other employee needs.

In another application, an international enterprise made use of Mintor’s platform to engage their employees in skills training through the chatbot: making upskilling simple for and accessible to their workforce, some of whom work in remote locations where dedicated in-person skills learning is near-impossible. This has led to an upturn in productivity and quality of work.

A simple chatbot might not change the world, but it certainly will change parts of it, like the way marginalised and developing countries engage in HR tasks and engage their employees. At Finleys, we are proud to have Mintor as a client and look forward to a long and exciting journey ahead that will see them, and those impacted by their platform, reach long-term prosperity. |

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